Heartbroken Pup Has No Idea Why Her Family Dropped Her Off At The Shelter With Her 10 Puppies

Heartbroken Pup Has No Idea Why Her Family Dropped Her Off At The Shelter With Her 10 Puppies

When Melody was surrendered to an animal shelter in Texas, it was clear from her extremely underweight frame indicated that she hadn’t been treated well and had likely been neglected her whole life. And yet, she kept her chin up – all for her little babies.

Melody, the skinny little pup though she was, was absolutely committed to caring for her 10 beautiful puppies that she delivered recently. They had been surrendered with her to that shelter in Texas, and she constantly ensured that they were always fell.

Then, a staff member at the shelter sent an image of little Melody and her litter to her friend, Patti Dawson, who just happens to be the person in charge of Dallas DogRRR – Rescue.Rehab.Reform, and the moment Dawson saw Melody’s soulful, sad eyes and her dedication to her puppies despite her emaciated state.

Dawson knew she had to help this pup with such a strong drive to care for her babies. She also knew that the fact that Melody was a pit bull would likely make it difficult for her to find an adopter. So Dawson posted a picture on Facebook of this pup and her little ones, asking for someone to help foster her. And the call was answered!

Melody and her puppies were soon moved into their new foster home, and she went from being nervous to slowly gaining bravery. It was as though she knew that she and her babies were safe, and she opened up.

Now, this mama pup is putting on some weight and her puppies are healthy and growing well.

Soon, they’ll be ready for adoption – and all thanks to the fact that a kind-hearted foster opened their home to her and her little family.

Images & Feature Image Source: Dallas DogRRR – Rescue.Rehab.Reform

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