Heartbroken Pup Says His Final Goodbye To His Best Friend Who Passed Away

Heartbroken Pup Says His Final Goodbye To His Best Friend Who Passed Away

When family and friends arrived at the funeral Bill Schiller to mourn his passing, they hadn’t expected to see his best friend there – his best furry friend, that is.

Schiller adopted Chief the pup around five years ago, and they had always shared an extremely close bond. Anne Marie Sibthorp, Schiller’s partner, knew just how tight that bond was. They were best friends, family, and even soulmates of sorts.

Sibthorp knew that Chief needed to be at his Dad’s funeral, so she brought him along. But what she didn’t expect was for Chief to express his grief and say goodbye in such a sad and touching way.

Chief was brought up to his Dad’s casket. The pup stretched forward, standing on his hind legs. trying to see and reach his Dad. Then, he gave his ear the usual lick – and he saw that his Dad wasn’t responding. So he lay down, resting his head, and remained there, unmoving. The pup knew that his Dad had passed away, and he was grieving.

According to Sam James, who owns the funeral home where the ceremony occurred, James Funeral Home, he knew he had to let the pup in the moment he saw him. After all Chief is very well-behaved, and James knows how important closure is for all loved ones – whether they are two-legged, or four-legged.

Chief was able to say goodbye to his much-loved and missed Dad, and we’re sure that this will help him to heal. This touching photo of what happened, taken by the granddaughter of Sibthorp, shows just how profoundly and deeply Chief’s love ran.

Feature Image Source: Instagram/nina__photography_06

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