Heartbroken Pup Sleeps Outside A Family's House In The Hopes Someone Notices Her

Heartbroken Pup Sleeps Outside A Family's House In The Hopes Someone Notices Her

When Beatriz Barabanki Kaniak and her family, consisting of four rescue pups and her husband, moved houses in January, their new Chile home was still undergoing some construction.

Since workers were leaving and entering the house for most of the day, the front gate was usually left wide open. Then, one day, the husband and wife took a moment to look out their window as they busied themselves getting their home ready – and right there, smack in the center of their driveway, was a pup that they had never seen.

It was easy to see that this pup was exhausted. She looked sick, frail, and tired, and it seemed like she had simply collapsed here for a rest – or maybe, in the hopes that someone would be able to help her. Luckily, she’d chosen the right home.

Kaniak and her husband immediately knew she needed to be cared for. They went to approach her, but she was so terrified of them at first that she shook from head to toe. Over time, though, she slowly warmed up to them and realized she was safe at last.

She met the family’s four dogs and was friendly with them, and she was falling in love with the couple quickly!

Needless to say, the pup found a new home that day. Kaniak and her husband named her Cookie and took her to the vet. She was found to be very underweight and covered with skin irritation. She was given medication, and her new family began nursing her back to health.

Now. Cookie has completely transformed! She’s gone from being nervous and thin to healthy, confident, and extremely loving. Sometimes, we choose our pets – then again, sometimes, they come looking for us!

Images & Feature Image Source: Beatriz Baranski Kaniak

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