Help Your Dog Be Comfortable Around Visitors During the Holidays

Help Your Dog Be Comfortable Around Visitors During the Holidays

When you host visitors during the holidays, your dog's life, whether it's a senior dog or a new puppy, is temporarily disrupted. The last thing you want is to make excuses for your dog while dealing with the stress of preparing food for everyone. That is why you should support your dog to prevent them from getting into trouble. 

Your dog would be on their best behaviour if you get rid of items or do not create situations that would tempt them. For instance, if you know your dog enjoys "counter surfing" or stealing things off the counter, ensure there are no tempting food items left within reach and that they are not left alone in the kitchen.

A rule to follow when you have dogs is "supervise or confine", meaning if you can't properly supervise your dog to stop undesirable behaviour, you should safely crate them or keep them in a safe area of the house. Keeping your dog on a leash during the festivities can help if they get extremely excited when visitors arrive.

If visitors are overwhelming or stressing your dog out, take your dog outside for a walk or some quiet time in a private section of the home. Your dog is more likely to develop good associations with visitors entering your home if you do brief and effective training sessions with them rather than extensive, overwhelming exposure.

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