Hensley The Bouncing Dachshund Will Make You Smile! #BouncyDoxie!

Hensley The Bouncing Dachshund Will Make You Smile! #BouncyDoxie!

Hensley is an adorable little dachshund who absolutely loves bouncing! Look how happy he is and I’m assuming he just saw his person!

This reminded me of the days when my dachshund, Roxie, would run to the door whenever the door bell rang and bounce like there’s no tomorrow! It’s like her sixth sense tells her that whoever’s at the door has some treats for her so all she’s got to do is look cute and play it up and those treats will be hers!

From personal experiences also, I’ve noticed that dachshunds love to bounce around and they do this when they’re very happy so I’m assuming Hensley ether saw his person outside the door or he saw his favorite treat! Either way this happy doxie’s hop is adorable 🙂

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