Here Are 10 Dos And Don'ts Of Dog Training To Keep In Mind!

Here Are 10 Dos And Don'ts Of Dog Training To Keep In Mind!

Training a dog can be tough! Here are 10 dos and don’ts!


  • Give immediate rewards so the connection between the right action and the reward is understood.
  • Focus on your dog 100% and try to understand their behaviors, thoughts, and instincts.
  • Teach one thing at a time.
  • Be consistent with cues, rules, and tone.
  • Anticipate your dog’s reactions.
  • Be honest about whether your dog is doing what is needed or not, and don’t reward them for nothing.
  • Be patient and take breaks if you need to.
  • Have fun. Add playtimes before and after training!
  • When you teach a new command, have the end in your mind.
  • Be compassionate, sweet, and understanding with your dog.


  • Don’t let others pamper your dog more than you. You’re the alpha, and you should give them more affection than anyone else does!
  • Don’t lose your temper – this will accomplish nothing.
  • Don’t let someone else command your dog.
  • Don’t oversay the same commands. Try not to repeat yourself too much, or you’ll change the command from “sit” to “sit sit sit sit”!
  • Don’t punish or use negative reinforcement. This will just frighten your dog and make them less likely to listen to you.
  • Don’t punish for behavior that you encourage at other times. You must be consistent.
  • Don’t chase your dog. You need them to come to you, not the other way around.
  • Don’t trick your dog by using praise to entice them, only to punish them once they come.
  • Don’t discipline your dog if they seem to disobey you; they may have just not understood.
  • Don’t finish sessions for training on negative notes.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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