Here Are 10 Fun Ways To Spend Quality Indoor Time With Your Dog!

Here Are 10 Fun Ways To Spend Quality Indoor Time With Your Dog!

Is your dog stuck indoors? Here are 10 ways to keep them busy and occupied!

Blow Bubbles

Lots of dogs just love chasing after bubbles! Any room with enough space can form the play area. Wipe your dog’s face from bubble solution afterward.

Do Some Training

Teach your dog essential commands if you haven’t already, or teach them new tricks if you have! Then, practice them again and again, expand on them, and make them more interesting with treat rewards.

Use A Puzzle Toy

Puzzle toys have space to stuff treats into, and then a dog has to solve the puzzle to earn their treat.


Tug-of-war is fun and burns lots of energy. Set ground rules first so you both play nice!

Do Chores

Try teaching your dog to help with simple tasks, like keeping their toys, turning the lights off, or anything they can do.

Make An Obstacle Course

Make your own agility course in your home and teach your dog to go through it.

Play Treasure Hunts

Get some food or treats – preferably out of their normal meal plan – and break them up, then hide them around the home for your dog to find.

Watch TV

There are some channels that cater to pets, and others that your dog may find interesting. Turn on the TV and let your dog enjoy.

Play Hide-and-Seek

Get your dog to stay, then hide in a different room and call for them to find you. Remember to reward them!


Give your dog a bath. Trim their nails. Brush their fur and teeth. Give them a massage. This is a great bonding experience, and a great way to kill time!

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