Here Are 10 Things Your Kids Should Know About Dogs

Here Are 10 Things Your Kids Should Know About Dogs

A dog that bites can be very difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, even the most calm and patient dogs can be provoked to bite in unfavorable circumstances.

When you have children, their rowdiness and lack of understanding can wind up making an unfamiliar dog uncomfortable or frightened enough to lash out. Here are 10 tips that you and your kids should learn to prevent this:

  1. Stay Still. When approached by an unfamiliar dog, stay still so as to not excite them further.
  2. Petting. Resist petting any dogs who are in cars, behind fences, or contained somewhere. They may be stressed out or may dislike the encroaching of their space.
  3. Hugging. Most dogs don’t like being hugged, so don’t do it!
  4. Don’t Pet An Unknown Dog Without Permission. No matter how friendly a dog looks, make it a habit to ask first before petting.
  5. Sudden Movements. Try not to yell, run, or jump when an unfamiliar dog approaches you.
  6. Climbing. Don’t try to clamber over a dog or climb onto their back.
  7. Set Boundaries. A dog who is sleeping, playing, eating, or doting on puppies shouldn’t be interacted with.
  8. Loose Dogs. If you spot a dog without a leash and with no owner in sight, don’t try to approach.
  9. Fences. Don’t climb into a dog’s yard, ever!
  10. Pulling. Don’t pull at a dog’s tail, fur, ears, or legs.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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