Here Are 12 Doggie Do's And Don'ts For Kids To Read And Understand!

Here Are 12 Doggie Do's And Don'ts For Kids To Read And Understand!

Children, in their exuberance and innocence, can behave inappropriately around dogs. The reaction of a dog can be instinctive and unpredictable, depending on how he views the action of a child.

These 12 Doggie Do’s and Don’ts For Kids are derived from an excellent infographic by Edgar Snyder, and is a must-read for every child and dog parent alike:

  1. Always ask an adult before you pet a dog.
  2. Wait for a dog to come to you. Pet the dog on the chest or back – not the head or tail. Don’t go behind the dog. If the dog doesn’t come up to you on its own, it may not want you to pet it.
  3. Don’t hug a dog. Save your hugs for family and friends!
  4. Don’t tease a dog. Don’t run up to one and then run away or try to steal a toy. The dog may not think you’re playing.
  5. Don’t play with or touch a dog that is with someone who is blind or in a wheelchair. These dogs are called ‘service’ dogs and need to focus on helping people.
  6. Always give dogs space. You don’t want a stranger or even a friend to come up to you and touch you. A dog is the same way.
  7. Don’t go up to a dog that is eating or sleeping.
  8. Don’t put your hands on a fence where there is a dog or touch a dog’s food bowl while it’s eating.
  9. Be careful around a mother dog and her puppies.
  10. Remember that a sick or old dog may be in a bad mood and bite.
  11. If a dog comes close to you without a leash, don’t run away or make loud noises. Stand tall like a tree and don’t move, even if you want to run away. Cross your arms over your chest and don’t look at the dog’s eyes.
  12. If you think a dog may bite you, toss a toy or another object away from you. Then turn and walk away from the dog.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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