Here Are 4 Main Reasons Why Your Pup May Be Coughing

Here Are 4 Main Reasons Why Your Pup May Be Coughing

Coughing happens to nearly all of the creatures on earth. A cough can remove an airway of mucus or foreign matter.

Dogs who cough once and awhile are fine – but if your dog seems to cough persistently something could be very wrong. Take them to the vet as soon as you can. Some reasons a dog has a lingering cough are:

  1. Degenerative processes that degrade breathing structures over time. Some examples are scarring in the lungs from age or exposure to an irritant and cardiac disease. Your veterinarian can do some diagnostic testing to see what the issue is and treat it, if possible.
  2. An infection from bacteria, fungus, or a virus can cause a long-lasting cough.
  3. Anomalous disorders, like structural abnormalities or birth defects, may also cause your dog to couch a lot. Certain breeds of dogs are more prone to developing tracheal collapse or Brachycephalic airway syndrome and may not appear until later in life. Coughing is a symptom of both disorders.
  4. Cancer of the lungs can cause a chronic cough. The lungs job of the lungs is to oxygenate the blood, so if there is any other type of cancer that sheds cells into the bloodstream, it can spread the disease to the lungs. Recent advances in medicine have allowed for the treatment of some types of cancers in pets, getting an accurate and timely diagnosis can increase the chances of successful treatment.

Coughing should not be overlooked. If you are concerned, talk to your vet.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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