Here Are 5 Signs Of An Abused Dog

Here Are 5 Signs Of An Abused Dog

If you plan to adopt a dog with an unknown background, how can you tell what their previous life was like? What if they were victims of abuse? Here are 5 signs of an abused dog.


Emotional and psychological abuse of a dog, typically characterized as abandonment, neglect, or lack of social interaction, can cause a dog to seek attachment or attention, becoming at risk for separation disorders.

Unusual Or Compulsive Behavior

A dog who has been abused may do odd things, such as sucking on toys or pillows, hoarding items, or even rolling in bodily waste. These behaviors are typically compulsive and repetitive, or even ritualistic.


Many dogs who are abused are very nervous and may display that nervousness through excitability or hyperactivity.

Fear Of Strangers

Dogs who have faced abuse are often frightened of strangers, especially if humans have physically abused them in the past. This is less common when the abuse was neglectful. Abused dogs also show fear of other unfamiliar dogs.

Aggression Towards Strangers

Aggression is, most commonly, a form of protection for a frightened dog. As such, a dog’s fear of strange humans and dogs also contributes to a higher risk of aggression towards them. Dogs with a tendency towards aggression also may have a higher chance of being abused.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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