Here Are 5 Summer Safety Tips For Your Dogs To Keep In Mind

Here Are 5 Summer Safety Tips For Your Dogs To Keep In Mind

It’s hard not to love summer! Pups can’t escape the excitement of the season, either, but the problem is that it’s much more difficult for them to stay cool during the summer.

As such, you’ve got to make sure they stay healthy in the hot temperatures. Here are 5 ways to do so!

1. Keep your pup hydrated and cool. Make sure there’s always a fresh bowl of water available, or bring along a water bottle when you’re heading out. If your pup seems to like sunbathing, try to limit time spent in direct sunlight and direct him to shadier areas as often as you can.

2. Take care of a pup’s paws. Paw pads get hot really fast, and surfaces like asphalt and metal can have temperatures high enough to burn or injure them! Fur balls also take in heat from their paws, which means hot ground can actually cause them to overheat.

3. Watch your pup’s weight. Overweight fur balls are more prone to dehydration, and let’s not forget that pups with a healthy weight can live up to three years longer than those over or underweight. Besides, summer’s a great time to exercise – just don’t overdo it in the heat!

4. Protect your pup from parasites. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are pesky things, and a lack of protection exposes your fur balls to the chance of getting heartworm, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever… the list goes on, so keep your pup safe!

5. Don’t leave your pup in a hot car! There have been plenty cases of pup injuries and fatalities due to this sort of neglect! The temperatures in parked cars can skyrocket to more than double the day’s temperature, and a pup can develop a heatstroke in mere minutes from being locked in one of them.

Alright, you’re armed with knowledge to help get through the harsh heat of summer! Liked those tips? Stay tuned for five more ways to help your fur balls beat the heat! Don’t forget to like and share!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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