Here Are 7 Vitamins Your Dogs Will Benefit From If Included In Their Diet

Here Are 7 Vitamins Your Dogs Will Benefit From If Included In Their Diet

Dogs need a balanced diet of different vitamins to stay at their healthiest. Here are 7 vitamins you may not have known dogs need.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is fat-soluble and provides immune-system benefits while improving the functions of the nervous system, eyes, muscles, and cells. It’s good for fur, too, and it’s even more important in pregnant dogs. Liver, fish, egg yolk, vegetables, and butter are good sources.

Vitamin B

Eight vitamins are encompassed in water-soluble vitamin B with many benefits, including metabolic regulation, cell health, immunity, and hormone balance. Kidney, liver, heart, molasses, eggs, and yeast are good sources.

Vitamin C

Dogs can synthesize vitamin C themselves, so they already benefit from its antioxidant properties and don’t need more supplementation. The vitamin fights inflammation and illness.

Vitamin D

This vitamin helps the body retain calcium, and unfortunately, dogs can’t get it from UV rays. Instead, they need it in their food. Liver, fish, egg yolks, and dairy are good sources.

Vitamin E

This vitamin boosts immunity, cell function, skin and fur health, muscle development, heart rate regulation, and nervous system function. Oils, spinach, fish, and eggs are good sources.

Vitamin K

This vitamin allows for good blood clotting ability. Vegetables, meats, parsley, and fish are good sources.


This vitamin helps the liver, cells, and brain of dogs. Meats, beans, spinach, liver, and eggs are good sources.

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