Here Are 8 Weird Things Dogs Do That We Now Understand!

Here Are 8 Weird Things Dogs Do That We Now Understand!

Ever wonder what a particularly odd behavior your dog exhibits means? Here are 8 weird things dogs do, explained!

1. Tail Chasing

Dogs chase their tails for fun, just because they’re bored or think it’s entertaining. But compulsive tail chasing in excess can point to a problem, such as anxiety, itching, or OCD.

2. Coprophagia

This means eating poop – gross! A mother dog may eat waste as a method of cleaning and starving dogs will do so in order to survive.

3. Sniffing Butts

When dogs greet each other this way, they’re just being polite. Meeting face-to-face is often a sign of aggression when mixed with stiffness, forward ears, and other common curiosity markers.

4. Rolling In Stink

Why does your dog roll in stinky stuff? It may be because of their instincts – the ancestors of dogs may have done this to mask their scent. Of course, dogs also just like smelly things!

5. Circling To Sleep

This is how dogs get comfortable, and it’s ancestral, too – wild dogs would trample down grass to form a “nest” to sleep in.

6. Guilty Face

A dog’s guilty face isn’t a sign of their guilt – it’s a submissive response to your anger.

7. Reverse Sneezing

It sounds scary when your dog seems to sneeze in reverse, but this is actually not much different from a normal sneeze!

8. Head Tilts

Some experts think tilting their head helps a dog to hear better. Others believe the positive reinforcement they get from us when they do it is the real reason!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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