Here Are House Hunting Tips For Pet Parents!

Here Are House Hunting Tips For Pet Parents!

House hunting is either a fun and exciting task, or it can be daunting. You want everything to be perfect. You want space, a good location, and a nice neighborhood.

Being a pet parent means that you also want to make sure your new home is comfortable for your four-legged babies too. Here are some things to consider when looking for a new home.

Pet restrictions
Apartments or condos may have restrictions on the size and/or breed of dog you can have. Be sure to ask up front.

Fences and yards
As you know, big dogs or having more than one dog means you probably want a fenced in backyard. Some neighborhoods have restrictions on what type of fence you can put up. Ask your realtor about any fence rules.

Carpet or hardwood floors
Carpet gives traction and comfort to all the residents. But it does wear out and can be difficult to clean. Hardwood floors are harder on your pet’s joints if they jump up on the furniture or like to play rough. Plus, there is the chance that a hardwood floor will be scratched by your dog’s feet. Flooring professionals can help you decide what flooring is best for your situation.

Neighborhood match
Drive around the new neighborhood and see if you can find other homes with pets. If there are very few homes with pets, you may want to look elsewhere. Also, check the area to see if there are dog parks nearby for you and your dog to visit.

Happy house hunting!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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