Here Are Some Advantages Of Spaying Or Neutering Your Dogs

Here Are Some Advantages Of Spaying Or Neutering Your Dogs

Some pup parents may be reluctant to perform the invasive surgery of neutering and desexing on their dogs.

But here are 14 reasons why you should go through with it!

  1. You Don’t Need To Worry About Heat. A dog in heat can change their behavioral patterns.
  2. Reducing Overpopulation. By spaying or neutering, you’re doing your part to prevent the overpopulation of pups.
  3. Services. Many boarding kennels and similar services many not accept a dog who isn’t spayed.
  4. Pace. Often, having de-sexed dogs improves the overall harmony in a home with more than one pup.
  5. Cancer Risk. Neutering and spaying can greatly reduce the risk of developing certain cancers, like breast, cervical, testicular, uterine, and ovarian cancer.
  6. Aggression. For male dogs, being neutered can help to dial down the aggression.
  7. Happiness. A spayed female dog doesn’t get harassed by potential mates, and neutered male dogs don’t get caught up looking for one.
  8. Marking. Neutering can reduce or eliminate cases of spraying as a marking behavior in 60% of dogs.
  9. Costs. Most services charge extra for unspayed or unneutered dogs.
  10. It Won’t Make Them Fat. The idea that de-sexing leads to weight gain is inherently false.
  11. Disease Risk. Many disease risks are lowered after neutering or spaying.
  12. Relaxation. Dogs who haven’t been de-sexed will have to be kept at home and away from other pups during their mating seasons.
  13. There Are No Benefits To Litters. Some people believe that a dog having one litter makes them healthier. This is false.
  14. It’s The Right Thing To Do. Unless you’re actively hoping for puppies one day, neutering or spaying is a service to your home and your community.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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