Here Are Some Health Conditions That Are Extremely Dangerous To Dogs

Here Are Some Health Conditions That Are Extremely Dangerous To Dogs

To keep our dogs healthy, we must be aware of their health concerns.

Here are the 11 most fatal health conditions a dog can develop:

1. Rabies

This viral disease attacks the neurological system and causes huge behavioral changes. Vaccinations are good for preventative care.

2. Lyme Disease

This disease is carried by ticks and causes lameness, stiffness, lethargy, and organ failure. It is treated with antibiotics and can be prevented with vaccinations.

3. Bloat

This happens when the stomach of a dog fills up with gas and twists, leading to obvious symptoms. Treatment varies depending on severity.

4. Cancer

Dogs over 10 years most commonly develop cancer. Symptoms and treatments vary.

5. Chocolate poisoning

Chocolate is toxic to dogs and harms the nervous system. Vomiting is usually induced, and treatment options vary.

6. Distemper

This incurable condition comes from viral infection and attacks numerous symptoms. Preventative vaccinations are necessary.

7. Heartworm Disease

Carried by infected mosquitoes, this disease harms a dog’s heart and blood vessels. Heartworm preventative care is the best option, and treatment options vary.

8. Kidney Failure

This type of organ failure is very severe and treatment options vary depending on the cause.

9. Leptospirosis

This disease comes from bacteria and can have very mild or very severe symptoms, with serious consequences either way. Antibiotics are a common treatment option and vaccinations are available.

10. Parvovirus

This viral condition harms the heart and intestines, and it is contagious. Immediate treatment is needed.

11. Fungal Infections

Some are minor, but others are fatal. Valley Fever, Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, and Blastomycosis are all potentially deadly infections.

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