Here Are Some Plants Your Dogs Should Avoid

Here Are Some Plants Your Dogs Should Avoid

Unfortunately, plants and dogs don’t always mix. What should you be avoiding?

Euphorbia Genus

The 2000+ plants in this genus can cause chemical burns. Wash the affected areas with mild soap and warm water. If there’s vomiting or lethargy, consult your vet.

Aracea Genus

Biting or eating any member of this family will irritate all parts of the mouth. Rinse your dog’s mouth thoroughly, and consult a vet if symptoms persist.

Dracaena Genus

The entirety of all 40 plant species from this popular family is toxic to dogs. If the symptoms do not clear quickly after your dog has taken a bite, take them to a vet.

Bird of Paradise

This beautiful plant unfortunately contains an incredibly toxic ingredient. If you suspect your dog has ingested any part of the plant, take them to the vet immediately.

Desert Rose (aka Adenium)

Another highly toxic plant, eating any part of it creates such horrible symptoms that it requires immediate medical attention from your vet.

Kaffir Lily

The entirety of this plant is toxic, with the leaves, stem, and bulb being especially so. If only a small amount of consumed and quickly vomited, just monitor your dog. If they seem to be alright, they may not require any further attention – otherwise, consult your vet.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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