Here Are Some Tips To Consider When Flying With Your Pups!

Here Are Some Tips To Consider When Flying With Your Pups!

Traveling with your dog this holiday, we have a few helpful tips to help ease the stress!

Things to do before you leave:

  • Check with your airline before book your flight, each airline has their own rules about pet travel. If you are traveling by train, you may need a health certificate and their vaccination records.
  • Most airlines will require a crate that is large enough for your dog to move around a little. You need to label the crate with your contact information and a “Live Animal” sticker. Be sure when you buy the crate that it is “airline approved.”
  • Water, food, and medications. In case you can’t be with your dog the whole time – be sure to indicate dosages and feeding amounts.
  • You should have a recent photo of your pet in case of separation.
  • If your dog has a microchip, make sure the information is up to date. If you don’t have a
    microchip in your pet, be sure they have ID on their collars.
  • A leash or harness that is sturdy and secure.
  • The phone number of a veterinarian nearby in case of an emergency.

Things to not do:

  • Try to book a direct flight. The transfers can be stressful for your pet (and you!).
  • Don’t sedate your dog, unless your vet suggests it. If your dog has any respiratory issues
    during flight, there may be no one around to help.
  • Make sure you all do your ‘business’ before you board!

Happy travels!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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