Here Are Two Kinds Of Service Dogs And How Much They Will Cost You

Here Are Two Kinds Of Service Dogs And How Much They Will Cost You

Service dogs aren’t just for the physically disabled. They’re also for those who have severe mental disorders. If you have depression or anxiety, here are your two options for a service dog.

Psychiatric Service Dogs

These dogs are specifically trained to work with those with specific disabilities. If your anxiety and depression limit one or more of the everyday life activities you have to participate in, you can qualify for a service dog. They are legally protected under multiple acts and you do not need a doctor’s prescription for them.

These dogs can help:

  • Provide comfort during anxiety attacks
  • Remind those with severe depression to do basic tasks
  • Bring water and medication
  • Get help during dissociative states
  • Detecting building up anxiety attacks
  • Bringing a phone to call or using a device to call for help

You can obtain a psychiatric service dog through an official service dog program, which may cost up to $30,000. You will have to follow certain rules and requirements in order to use a program of this kind.

You can also opt to train your own service dog. This can cost up to $20,000 or as little as a couple thousand, depending on how you do it. However, this is a difficult and tedious task, and there is a lot you will have to consider.

Emotional Support Dogs

These dogs are good options for those who don’t qualify for Psychiatric Service Dogs. You need a doctor’s prescription to have them and they are not trained in the specific tasks that a service dog is trained in. They are legally protected for fair housing and airlines, but not for other certifications.

These dogs can help:

  • “Listen” to those with anxiety
  • Distract you from anxiety
  • Help motivate you if you have depression
  • Provide physical comfort

You can adopt or purchase a dog who may be a good fit as an emotional support dog. Some programs list their most likely candidates.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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