Here's A Question For You - Can Your Pets Feel Grief? You'll Be Surprised

Here's A Question For You - Can Your Pets Feel Grief? You'll Be Surprised

If you’re a pup mommy or daddy and have lost someone important in your life, you may wonder how the loss affects your fur ball. Can pups feel grief?

By definition, grief can be described as deep feeling of loss or regret that is felt by those left behind. It’s not uncommon for people to assume that humans, considered the intellectual superiors to animals, are the only species who can experience grief and other complex emotions. However, this assumption may be incorrect!

Pups are family animals that stay in packs in the wild, cooperating with each other in many ways. As such, fur balls bond with all the members of their pack because their survival depends on each other. Sudden changes are no good for a pup’s happiness, especially because in the wild, that could affect his or her survival. So any sudden loss is an upsetting change to a pup.


Fur balls, like many animals, enjoy consistency. As such, they might miss the familiarity of their companions and be strongly affected by their disappearance, whether the loss is of a human or animal companion. It’s therefore important as a pup mommy or daddy to ensure that pups are given their own time to grieve. Patience is key. It’s unfair to expect fur balls to be our best friends without considering them feeling, emotion-experiencing beings!

Be sure to spend time with your fur ball to help them become comfortable with the changes. Your own grief upon the loss of those in your life can be shared, allowing for the burden to be made lighter for both you and your pup. Did you find this useful? Give it a like and share it around if you did!

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