Here's How Dog-Proofing Your Bathroom Can Prevent Your Pup From Getting Hurt

Here's How Dog-Proofing Your Bathroom Can Prevent Your Pup From Getting Hurt

Having a pup in your home is fulfilling and wonderful, as you have a loving and loyal companion who colors your world.

With that being said, pups are also very curious creatures and often get themselves into various shenanigans if they aren’t watched 24/7. As such, it’s important that you make sure your home is as safe as possible for your pups.

The bathroom is pretty enticing to a pup, and for that very reason, it’s important to keep hazards out of the way so your pup can’t get to them. Here are a few areas to take extra safety measures in.

1. Toiletries and cleaning supplies

If it’s bad for humans to ingest, then it’s probably not great for pups either. Keep your toiletries and any cleaning materials that you have in cabinets out of reach, and make sure the lids are on tight! Cleaning supplies also include things like toilet brushes, which can look like a toy to pups.

2. Medications

Pups cannot eat human medicines, as a vast majority of them are toxic to our canine companions. So keep your supplements and medications far out of reach, also in cabinets that can’t be opened by a curious paw.

3. The toilet bowl

For some reason, dogs like drinking out of a toilet bowl. This isn’t a great idea, though, as it’s generally not the cleanest of spots. The toilet probably has traces of chemicals you use on it alongside waste residue. Make sure you always keep the toilet lid closed, and if your pup is able to flip it open, just keep the bathroom door closed when you can’t supervise them.

A pup is, in some ways, like your little furry child – you still have to “child-proof” your home to ensure their safety! By making a little extra effort to take precautions, you can save yourself, and your pet, a lot of trouble. Don’t forget to like and share away!

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