Here's Everything You Need To Know About Dog Euthanasia

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Dog Euthanasia

The decision to use euthanasia for your dog is not an easy one to make. Best described as a painless way to help your dog pass on to the rainbow bridge, it can be a humane and kind way to let a dog’s sickness or suffering come to an end.

The process involves two injections. The first one that is provided is a sedative, allowing your dog to slowly fall asleep. During this time, most vets allow the dog’s owners to spend some time with the dog, who will slowly fall into a deep sleep, in order to say goodbye. Once you’re ready, the vet will provide the second shot, which is pentobarbital that is administered intravenously. This drug will slow your dog’s heart rate and allow them to pass away in their sleep.

If you find yourself facing the difficult decision of whether or not to administer euthanasia, the best way to think about it by considering what your dog’s life will be like if you choose to continue their life. Ask yourself:

  • Is your dog suffering very severe traumatic injuries from an accident, with little to no chance of recovery?
  • Has your dog stopped being able to carry out basic daily tasks, such as drinking, eating, or walking?
  • Is the illness your dog has terminal, with very clear distressing or painful symptoms?

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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