Here's How To Help A Lost Pup If You Come Across One - Part 2

Here's How To Help A Lost Pup If You Come Across One - Part 2

Let’s say you’ve stumbled across a lost pup. (If you haven’t read our article on what to do when that happens, go check that out first!)

You’re able to safely catch the pup, but finding his parents are proving to be very difficult right now, so you decide to bring him home with you. This move needs careful execution, so here’s what to do when you take a lost fur ball into your home.

1. Consider your own pups

The lost fur ball could have parasites or viruses on him that may be catching, so it is vital that your pups are kept isolated from the newcomer.

2. Consider your cats, too

There’s no way to tell how this lost pup will react to a cat, and it might also stress out your kit to have such a strange visitor. And of course, the risk of contagious parasites and illnesses are still present – so keep the cat away!

3. And also consider your children

If you have kids, all of their interactions with your temporary visitor must be supervised. This fur ball may not be good with kids, or may be frightened of them under the circumstances, so keep careful watch of what’s happening.

4. Lastly, consider your house

This fur ball may or may not be house trained, so it might be a good idea to keep him somewhere uncarpeted that can easily be cleaned up. You should also be mindful that leaving this pup alone in a room may result in separation anxiety or other negative behaviors, causing him to scratch at doors or destroy objects that he finds.

There you go – just some things to look out for when you bring a lost pup home for temporary safekeeping. Of course, it is advised that you have the fur ball checked by a vet before doing so. Stay safe, and don’t forget to share!

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