Here's How Dogs Choose Their Canine Friends!

Here's How Dogs Choose Their Canine Friends!

Just like with people, dogs can have friends too! But just how do they pick out their beloved canine friends? And how do they decide who becomes their enemies?

Personalities Clash

Just like with people, dogs can have different personalities as well, which means some dogs may just get along well with each other, and some don’t. Nothing too special about it!

But How Can They Tell?

People aren’t the only ones giving off all sorts of non-verbal signals. While dogs can’t express their personality through clothing and hairstyles, they can express themselves via body language and scents.

Dogs can also learn from previous encounters, or even be traumatized by them. A dog that was attacked by a bigger dog may become terrified of bigger dogs from that point onwards, no matter how friendly the stranger may be. You may have to help them recover after that.

What If My Dog’s The Aggressive One?

It’s best to check for medical conditions that may be causing behavioral problems. If that’s not the issue, try training with your dog for a while. It could be that they have had poor socialization early in life, or very low confidence. A canine behavioral specialist can help you a lot here!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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