Here's How To Get Your Dogs Used To Biking

Here's How To Get Your Dogs Used To Biking

Biking with your dog can be a lot of fun, but it doesn’t come naturally to most dogs. Here’s how to get them used to the new form of exercise.

Don’t Force It

You should never force your dog to just get used to biking. Not only will your efforts fail, but they are also more likely to become even more frightened.

Enlist Help

Have someone drive in a car behind you slowly to prevent fast cars from spooking your dog or potentially causing an accident.

Use Speed Cues

Try and teach your dog commands for speeding up and slowing down, so they can both keep up with you and not run along too far ahead.

Use Turn Cues

Try and teach your dog “left” and “right” so they know where you’re turning and aren’t caught by surprise.

Condition Them

For dogs new to biking, expose them to your bicycle early on and associate your bike with positive things.

Begin With Quiet Spots

Don’t take your dog straight to a busy road the first time. Start somewhere peaceful and work your way up to more challenging environments.

Start With Walking

Don’t bike as fast as you can from the get-go. Start at a slow pace and let your dog just get used to walking next to the bike.

Adjust Your Speed

Be considerate to your canine companion. Don’t just speed along while they lag behind!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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