Here's How To Groom Your Pup The Right Way!

Here's How To Groom Your Pup The Right Way!

Grooming your pup can be a pretty stressful experience for both yourself and your pup. It does, however, help if you know exactly how to calm them down and reassure them while necessary, and they have associated grooming time with attention, love, and treats!

In this video, Bailey the English Bulldog is being trained to get used to having his paws and ears handled, which will help his future owners when they need to have this pup cleaned up. Intelligent K9 Training shows other interested parents just how they should be handling their pup as well!

A key takeaway from this video is that you should always ensure the pup is always safe and comfortable. You should never push your pup, and always check in to make sure they are okay. If it is a pleasant experience for your pup, then by extension, it becomes a pleasant experience for you and your groomer as well!

Feature Image Source: Intelligent K9 Dog Training

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