Here's How To Make Dog Greetings More Manageable!

Here's How To Make Dog Greetings More Manageable!

It’s adorable when a dog comes running to greet you the moment you come home, but with guests, it’s a little different. They may knock people over or frighten someone. Here’s how to make this behavior more manageable.

Put Them In Another Room For A While

Keeping your dog in a separate room when guests arrive can help reduce the stimulated excitement they get from watching visitors come in. Let your dog out once your guests have settled and see if they are calmer.


Teach your dog how you want them to greet visitors. Maybe you want them to go to a certain area or just sit and wait. Start by training with no challenges and then work your way up to more complex and exciting situations.


When guests come in, redirect your dog’s attention with a prized toy, rare treats, or games they love. This can help burn the energy while distracting them.

Use A Gate

Put up a doggy gate and keep your dog behind it when you open the door and let the visitors in. For some dogs, this can calm them down while preventing unnecessary rushes. However, others may become too frustrated by a gate, so try it out first.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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