Here's How To Regularly Groom Your Dog!

Here's How To Regularly Groom Your Dog!

Regular facial grooming is as simple as remove debris from your dog’s face and eyes. Here’s how to do so!

Use A Sponge or Washcloth

Choose a clean and soft washcloth or sponge, moisten it, and get to work. Don’t use napkins, paper towels, or tissues, as these may tear and leave pieces behind.


You don’t necessarily need washcloths or sponges for the ears – a simple cotton wool pad, dry, is sufficient. A dog’s ears are very sensitive, so only clean the portion you can see and don’t go deeper.


Take your sponge or washcloth and wipe around your dog’s eyes. You can use cotton wool that you’ve moistened, instead, but use a different one for each of their eyes.

Tear Stains

Routine cleaning will usually get rid of this, but if it doesn’t, you can purchase solutions made specifically for cleaning tear stains.

Use Shampoo Very Sparingly

For the most part, general facial grooming shouldn’t need you to use shampoo or soap; water will suffice. If there are stubborn areas, however, use waterless dog shampoo, but only a little spray or dab!

Be Firm, Not Rough

Make sure you’re gentle so as not to hurt your dog. Instead of using a couple of strong and forceful movements, use multiple soft strokes to soften dirt and food residue and dislodge them.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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