Here's What It Means When Your Dog Yawns Too Much (Part 1)

Here's What It Means When Your Dog Yawns Too Much (Part 1)

Yawning is a perfectly normal and ordinary behavior. In the human body, we usually yawn to fill up our lungs and take in more oxygen – but socially and culturally, we interpret yawning in many other ways as well. Usually, we take it to indicate boredom or exhaustion.

What About In Dogs?

At first glance, it seems that dogs yawn the same way we do – they open their mouths wide and breathe in deep. In reality, dogs yawn for very different reasons.

  1. It’s commonly observed that dogs yawn when they are stressed. You can see this when you take a moment to observe your dog when they are in some sort of stressful situation – for example, when they are anxious about your newborn baby!
  2. Dogs also yawn when they are feeling indifferent about something. In response to what can be seen as a threat (for example, a bigger dog), your canine companion may opt to yawn in their direction. They’re saying they just don’t care!
  3. There are things we do when we start getting frustrated about something – and for dogs, their reaction is to yawn! So if you see your dog yawning repeatedly during a training session, perhaps consider ending the session for the day, or giving them a break.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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