Here's What This Family Learned After Adopting A Dog From A Shelter!

So, this past week, I came across two kinds of dog parents, the first who’s dog was a shelter resident and the other from a breeder. And I could tell the difference.

While people are free to make their own choices about how to bring home a dog, it shouldn’t matter to others whether the dog came from a breeder or from a shelter, but for some reason, I feel the need to stand up for shelter dogs. I have forever mentioned that shelter dogs aren’t “broken”.

They’re just as loving, as caring, as affectionate as other dogs out there. Let’s also understand that not all breeders are kind to the dogs under them. Some dogs are forced to live in pathetic conditions and are literally discarded after they’re done breeding them. We’ve seen so many articles about cruel breeders, then again, not all breeders are cruel.

Some take good care of the dogs under them and only want what’s best for the pups. Having said that, dogs in shelters are waiting to find their forever loving homes, so give it a thought!

Meet this illustrator from Moscow who loves drawing comics featuring cats, but today the illustration decided to tell the world about their dog – a shelter resident. This story is going to hit you right in the feels! Enjoy people!

There’s more! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Instagram

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