Here's What You Need To Do When Your Dog Can't Manage Heights

Here's What You Need To Do When Your Dog Can't Manage Heights

Many dog parents love cuddling with their dogs in bed. But it can be difficult for some dogs to get up there if they’re small, short, senior, or have a medical condition that affects mobility.

Here are three ways to help a dog get onto a bed:

Picking Them Up

The most straightforward method of getting your dog onto a bed is by carrying them. This can be difficult, especially for bigger dogs, and you have to really make sure you have your balance right to avoid falling and causing injury.

To make the task easier, you can invest in a lifting harness. Don’t forget that for puppies, you need to provide lots of support so that they don’t wiggle free or injure themselves.

Pet Stairs

These stairs help build a dog’s confidence, teaching your dog to climb them to get where they want to go. They’re easy to find and purchase, and they’re great for dogs who have mobility but just are a little too short to get to the bed.

Dog Ramps

Certain dog breeds and ages shouldn’t use stairs, and in that case, dog ramps are a good option. They’re good for the backs of more fragile dogs. Just make sure you’re adjusting the ramps to be the right height.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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