Here's What You Need To Keep In Mind Before Taking Your Dogs On A Car Ride

Here's What You Need To Keep In Mind Before Taking Your Dogs On A Car Ride

Want to take your dog on a car ride, whether a short trip to run errands or a week-long road trip? Here’s what to do first.

Train Your Dog

Your dog should be obedient and well-trained in order to provide fewer distractions while in a moving vehicle.

A dog who is frightened or overly excited by car rides should be slowly trained in order to be more relaxed. Start by getting them used to the car’s presence, then the noises it makes, then being inside, then to taking very short rides, and finally, to being on an actual drive.

Do not force your dog to do anything they are not comfortable with. Build up their confidence slowly with treats and positive reinforcement.

Secure Your Dog

Just like humans, dogs will need to be buckled up safely in order to maintain their overall security during a drive. Dog harnesses and dog seat belts are both popular choices, and they provide some movement freedom without making it dangerous.

Other options include hammocks, car barriers, and boosters, but they do not offer the same amount of security and we don’t recommend choosing them over the previous options. Make sure that, whatever item you choose, it is the right size for your dog.

Be Prepared

Bring your dog’s leash, harness, and collar along for even short trips. You should also bring fresh water and food, depending on how long the trip will be, as well as bowls for them to eat and drink out of.

It is also helpful to make sure your dog is not very full when you travel to reduce the chances of motion sickness. You can also bring grooming tools, a bed and blanket, toys, and even your dog’s kennel for longer trips!

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