Here's What You Need To Know If Your Dogs Struggle With Upset Stomachs

Here's What You Need To Know If Your Dogs Struggle With Upset Stomachs

It’s difficult watching your dog struggle with an upset stomach. Here’s what you can do to help and prevent this issue.

Helping A Dog’s Upset Stomach

  1. Bland Food. Feed your dog with only bland meals while their stomach is upset. Mix boiled white rice with boiled lean chicken breast at a 3:1 ratio
  2. Add Fiber. Pumpkin and sweet potato, when raw and fresh, are excellent additives to a dog’s meal to help ease an upset stomach.
  3. Use Yogurt. Yogurt has lots of probiotics, which can greatly benefit the digestive system! Make sure the yogurt you choose is completely plain and unsweetened.
  4. Intermittent Fasting. If done for only a brief period, this kind of fasting can be helpful. A 24 hour fast can be enough to help many dogs’ stomachs to recover.
  5. Use Broth. Bone broth can help your dog if they’re hungry but need to fast. Make some chicken or beef broth to give them some energy.

Preventing Upset Stomachs In Dogs

  1. Probiotics. Once again, probiotics are excellent for the digestive system!
  2. Change Their Water. Water that sits in a dog’s bowl for a long time can quickly grow stale and develop bacteria, so make sure their water is as fresh as possible!
  3. Avoid Human Food. Dog stomachs aren’t made to process the same foods that humans eat. Try not to give them human food at all if your dog has a sensitive stomach.
  4. Lessen Treats. Too many treats can give a dog an upset stomach.
  5. No Sudden Changes. Do not ever make sudden, dramatic changes to your dog’s diet! All changes should be made slowly and gradually.

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