Here's Why Your Dog Pees On Your Bed!

Here's Why Your Dog Pees On Your Bed!

Few things could be more distasteful than plonking onto your bed with relief after a hard day’s work only to recoil in horror at the huge, reeking, wet patch left on your mattress by your most loyal and trusted furry friend.

The seemingly random urinary habits of dogs can be a real cause for concern. Dogs pee for various reasons and it’s worth looking into the matter as there might be a simple cure for an inappropriate habit.

  • Marking of territory: dogs urinate on various things to leave their smell and thereby indicate to other lowlier souls that this territory is theirs and theirs alone. Car tires for some reason really seem to attract them as well as just about anything else that stands still for long enough.
  • Nervousness: this is also linked to excitement. An anxious dog will often pee on the spot when overwhelmed by strong feelings. If you know what will trigger him, rather take him outside until he calms down.
  • Incontinence: check your canine companion’s health. If he cannot hold his pee in, there might be an underlying cause such as kidney disease or a bladder infection. He could have eaten toxic food such as macadamia nuts, without your knowledge, which can cause paralysis of the rear legs.
  • Housetraining: sometimes all your dog needs is to be trained. Reinforce good behavior with something pleasurable like a toy or a snack. For instance, if he’s a puppy, put newspaper down and, after he’s had a good meal, take him to it, let him do his business and then lavish him with praise. This will create a good habit.
  • Perhaps the simplest of all is to not let him on your bed until he’s had a good pee outside!

What do you do when your dog pees on your bed? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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