Hero Dog Busts Largest Ever Drug Trade Worth A Whopping $2.26 Billion

Hero Dog Busts Largest Ever Drug Trade Worth A Whopping $2.26 Billion

One thing we are certain of is that our devoted dogs can do just about anything. Their skills often reach far beyond what we can ever imagine! They offer therapy for those who need help, guidance for the disabled, and even act as our four-legged doctors and policemen.

One of their spectacular skills is their immaculate sniffing capabilities. Used in both police and medical fields, these specialized canines are trained and tested to sniff out a variety of illnesses, chemicals, bombs, and even pests. One particularly special sniffer is responsible for busting one of the biggest drug trades to be seen. Slovakian police dog, Hutch, powers on through a career at an incoming shipping customs section.

Recently, while getting straight to the sniff, Hutch picked up that there were two conspicuous shipping containers that had come in from Croatia. He immediately alerted the authorities through his barking response, and the containers were opened. What was discovered inside these containers was shocking! Hutch had identified approximately 1.5 tons of methamphetamines that were valued to be $2.26 billion (in street price). This drug bust was indeed one of the biggest the harbor has ever seen!

Hutch’s amazing abilities have saved the lives of many and protected the country’s law too. After investigation, it was suspected that the drugs had been manufactured in Mexico and were destined to be distributed and sold throughout Europe. The heroic act of Hutch definitely reminds us that living without our four-legged friends is impossible! What a star!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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