Hero Dogs Save 45 Rhinos From Poachers!

Dogs have been given the tag “man’s best friend,” and frankly, they’ve earned it. Of many animals that we adopt as pets, dogs are the only ones that can go above and beyond companionship.

Dogs act as guides, guards, and specialized assistants. They can be trained to do delicate tasks. They can be pets, but they can also be a whole support system for us.

No doubt, here’s what the K9 fast response unit handlers think of them. This dedicated unit supports its humans fighting wildlife poaching. The Southern African Wildlife College is tasked with preventing these poachers from killing off already endangered species.

Poaching in Africa is rampant and is done for different reasons. Some animals are killed to sell their parts. Other wildlife is hunted for trophy. Whatever the reason, hunting of this wildlife is illegal in those countries. However, local and international criminals try to hunt them down every chance they get.

The Southern African Wildlife College patrols the areas where these endangered animals reside. Even with their best efforts, they were not able to record more than 5% success. The poachers were always a step ahead. The story changed when the K9 fast response unit was introduced. The success rate has since jumped to 68 percent. These faithful canines have done much better than their humans could ever achieve.

Rhinos, in particular, have benefitted from this unit. The dogs have saved at least 45 rhinos from poachers since they were commissioned.

Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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