Hero Man Has Made It His Mission To Reunite Lost Pups To Their Families!

Hero Man Has Made It His Mission To Reunite Lost Pups To Their Families!

The idea of losing a pup who runs away or goes missing can be absolutely terrifying to a dog Mom or Dad. You have no idea if they’re safe or not, and the chances of finding them again are slim to none.

That’s why Ryan Bulson of York, Pennsylvania, has decided to make it his goal to help ease that pain. He spends his weekends – and his nights during the weekdays – helping to look for missing pups. He doesn’t do this for profit, or because that’s his job – only to help others, and for the amazing, beautiful feeling he gets whenever he sees that magical moment when a pup and family are reunited.

It all began when Bulson was volunteering with a rescue organization for German shepherds more than a decade ago. When he found out that an adopted one had vanished, he went off on his own to find the pup. He succeeded, and the rest was history. A spark was set off in him, and he knew he wanted to help families find their lost dogs, free of charge. In doing so, he earned a nickname: the Dog Bounty Hunter, though he takes no fee!

To do this effectively, Bulson trained with professional dog trainers, where he picked up information on how different dog breeds and personalities affect actions and thinking. He now takes note of body language from videos and pictures of the pups he’s looking for, so he gets a good idea of how they’ll act. Each time he goes on a mission, he refines and customizes his efforts, tailoring them to the dog in question.

Bulson has successfully pulled off incredibly rescues, including one of Mia the pug, who he captured in ten days after studying her behavioral patterns through videos and observation. Most of his rescues end fairly quickly, as he uses cameras to track and observe dogs. Some, however, stretch for months – a German shepherd comes to mind; that pup took half a year to find and bring home!

Bulson is a hero in his own right, and his kindness and compassion make him an incredible soul. We truly commend his efforts, and we hope that there are more people in the world like him!

Feature Image Source: Ryan Bulson / Facebook

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