Hero Pup And His Dad Jump Into Water To Save Pups Trapped In Ice Cold Lake

Hero Pup And His Dad Jump Into Water To Save Pups Trapped In Ice Cold Lake

Timofey Yuriev and pup Kira have been best friends since they met last year. Little did they know that this friendship would come in handy to save a life.

One Saturday evening, Yuriev was out on a walk with Kira and his wife to enjoy the sunset. It was chilly at that time in New York, so the lake nearby was covered in ice. They were enjoying the peace when they heard something shocking – a woman’s scream.

The family hurried over to see what was going on. A woman was standing on the other side of the lake, and her two Labrador pups, visibly aged, had been crossing the lake when they chanced upon a thin spot.

The ice broke beneath them, and they both fell inside. Their energy was slowly drained by the ice cold lake, and they were unable to climb out.

Yuriev knew he had to act quickly. Having swum in icy bodies of water before, he decided to hurry into the lake to save the pups. He undressed and plunged in. But just as he did so, he realized he wasn’t on his own. Kira had jumped in after him, determined to help him in his rescue mission.

The two reached one pup first, and Kira provided moral support to her Dad as she helped guide the pup to dry land. Then, they did the same to the other dog. Thankfully, both were completely okay, if a bit shook up and cold. Their Mom cried tears of joy and gratefulness as her two heroes.

Kira has always been intuitive, compassionate, and intelligent, so her Mom and Dad are definitely proud, but not surprised that she understood the emergency going on.

It’s a good thing she and her Dad were there to help out and save those pups in the nick of time!

Images & Feature Image Source: Timofey Yuriev

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