Hero Pup Is Overjoyed When He Realizes He's About To Get His Favorite Treat!

Hero Pup Is Overjoyed When He Realizes He's About To Get His Favorite Treat!

Police dogs do very serious and good work. Their jobs are just as important as anyone else’s, and at the end of a long work day, they also like to kick back and relax, or treat themselves to something nice.

This K9 officer and his handler officer were just wrapping up after a tiring day in the hot sun of Fishers, Indiana. Working with the Fishers Police Department was tough work, and the handler officer knew that his partner needed a reward for being such a good boy that day.

So the pair walked towards Handel’s Ice Cream & Yogurt Shop. It wasn’t the first time they’d visited, so the pup was beyond thrilled when he saw where they were going! As soon as he spotted the little ice cream stand, he broke out in a run, dashing towards the shop with all his might.

Staff at the shop already knew what he was there for, so they quickly began creating a dog-friendly vanilla ice cream cone. They put the lovingly made cold treat onto the counter just as the pup got close enough.

Without a second’s hesitation, the pup jumped up to grab the ice cream and immediately began wolfing it down with all the enthusiasm he could muster!

This K9 pup was beyond happy to receive his ice cream treat as a reward for his superb work on the job that day. Everyone around him was very happy, too, since his excitement and joy were so contagious!

These hardworking dog officers deserve all the praise that human police get and more. They all deserve such a treat every now and then, don’t you think?

Feature Image Source: Fishers Police Department

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