Hero Pup Saves Her Brother's Life By Pulling Him Out Of A Crashed Car!

Hero Pup Saves Her Brother's Life By Pulling Him Out Of A Crashed Car!

Athena the rescue pit bull was very confused when Isaiah Lenotte’s big sister went away for college. Upset and missing her closest companion, Athena drew closer to Lenotte, and the two became very close. Little did Lenotte know that this bond would save his life.

One day, Lenotte went out fishing with Athena. They had a lot of fun, and everything seemed to be going well – right until it was time to get home. He suddenly felt very tired and dizzy, and his car spun out of control and slammed into a tree. At this point, Lenotte blacked out for a split second. The next thing he knew, he woke up in a smokey car that was half submerged in water.

Both Lenotte and Athena desperately wanted to be out of the car – Lenotte because he was worried the car was on fire, and Athena because she was absolutely terrified. But it was so difficult for Lenotte to move around. Eventually, he reached around and opened the passenger door in the back.

Athena was able to dash out – but she wasn’t going alone. She grabbed onto Lenotte and dragged him safely outside. In the process, her leash slipped off – but she wasn’t going anywhere. Despite her fear, she wanted to be there with Lenotte and help him in any way that she could.

The two made their way, slowly, across the street so they were safely away from the car. Lenotte contacted his family, and his parents soon showed up. They tried to take Athena and set her in their truck, but the pup was anxious and, despite shaking in every limb, she wanted to be by Lenotte’s side for as long as he may need her, so they let her back out again.

Even as paramedics rushed to the scene, Athena didn’t budge. Thankfully, she was totally unscathed – but she knew that Lenotte may be hurt, and that’s why she couldn’t leave him. She was soon able to rest as Lenotte was taken to a hospital. Luckily, he only had minor injuries!

Lenotte is now back at home with Athena, and the pair are doing well. Lenotte is so grateful for Athena’s courage in helping him, and they’re closer than ever.

Images & Feature Image Source: Jennifer Lenotte

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