Hero Pup Saves His Best Friend From Drowning By Jumping In The Pool

Hero Pup Saves His Best Friend From Drowning By Jumping In The Pool

When Remus the dog arrived at the home of his fellow pup friend Smokey for a play date, he didn’t expect to emerge a hero by the end of the day.

The two pups headed outside to play, and in the compound of Smokey’s home is a big swimming pool. Smokey isn’t very good at swimming and prefers to wade around the shallow end of the pool, staying on some of the steps instead of venturing in too far.

But today, Smokey slipped and accidentally fell into the deep end of the pool. Unable to swim well, Smokey couldn’t manage to find his way out of the pool, and without any clear way to escape, he faced the possibility of drowning. His parent was inside the house and didn’t see what was going on.

Luckily, Remus was there, and he knew exactly what he had to do to save his best friend. The pup leaped into the pool and heroically made sure to drag Smokey right back to safety! And the clincher is, we might never have known about this incredible display of courage.


This footage was uncovered when Smokey’s parent noticed her pup was wet despite never enjoying swimming, so she checked her security camera footage and saw the incredible act happening! When she shared the video with her best friend, Remus’ Mom, she burst into tears of joy and pride! Smokey is so lucky to have a brave, true friend like Remus, and we’re lucky his instincts kicked in and he rushed to save his buddy.

Feature Image Source: Random Video Serviss

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