Hero Pups Run To Their Neighbor For Help As Soon As Their Mom Faints

Hero Pups Run To Their Neighbor For Help As Soon As Their Mom Faints

Maureen Hatcher has no idea where she would be today if not for Sadie and Bella, her two precious Labrador pups.

Back in the early December of 2018, Hatcher was taking a usual shower when she fell to the ground and collapsed. She was unable to move, and she wasn’t able to get up at all. When the pups wandered into the bathroom, they immediately knew something was off. Their Mom was on the floor and visibly distressed.

Hatcher recalls seeing Sadie step into the bathroom, and she told the pup that she needed help. At that moment, Sadie and Bella turned and disappeared, running through the house and outside to get assistance from another human.

They made their way to the house of one of their neighbors. Doorbell cam footage shows the two pups running right up to the door and barking as loudly as they could in an attempt to get the attention of the people inside – or anyone’s attention at all.

Soon, a woman passing by figured out something was wrong and hurried into Hatcher’s house. She found Hatcher in the bathroom and hurriedly dialled 911. Paramedics were soon on the scene, and Hatcher was given the medical attention she desperately needed.

So, what had happened? Hatcher had suffered a stroke in the middle of her shower. Though not trained to respond to such situations, Bella and Sadie knew exactly what had to be done and recognized the dire nature of the situation.

Hatcher attributes the fact that she is safely in her home and recovering from her scary ordeal to her pups and their quick, smart, kind thinking. She has no idea what would have happened without them, and Bella and Sadie are true heroes.

Feature Image Source: Twitter/Texoma’s Homepage

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