Heroes Rescue Pups Stranded In Hurricane Florence Flooding

Heroes Rescue Pups Stranded In Hurricane Florence Flooding

With the advent of climate change, natural disasters such as hurricanes and typhoons are happening occurring with increasing frequency. This, naturally, is incredibly alarming to everyone, especially Moms and Dads with pups.

Luckily, government mandate has it that hotels and other public spaces are obliged to allow parents to bring their pups with them.

Sadly, not all parents can or will take their pups with them. The recent Hurricane Florence is yet another example of how pups and other pets are often abandoned in times of natural disaster. In this video taken in North Carolina, ten Beagle pups are saved from the rising floodwaters.

According to the Coast Guard, who rescued this poor pups, they had arrived in just the nick of time. Had these pups’ rescuers arrive a few minutes later, these pups would have drowned. Thanks to the speed at which the Coast Guards operate and their quick thinking, the pups are now okay!

Feature Image Source: CBS News

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