Heroes Rescue Tiny Puppy Trapped Under Heaps Of Trash After Hearing Cries Of Help

Heroes Rescue Tiny Puppy Trapped Under Heaps Of Trash After Hearing Cries Of Help

When a sanitation worker in Uruguay named Fernando Marie was finishing up his shift, he and his colleague heard a distressing sound – the wailing cry of a distressed animal.

Marie and his colleague followed the sound and realized that it was coming from the far back of their truck, behind heaping mountains of smelly trash and garbage. As they listened, the sounds became progressively less loud, almost as though whatever was making those sounds was being drowned in the mess.

Quickly, Marie and his colleague took their shovels and started digging through the heap. Meanwhile, another colleague began to take a video. It wasn’t long before they revealed the poor creature trapped beneath the garbage – a small puppy! They searched further in case there were any other trapped puppies but thankfully did not find any.

There’s so way to tell exactly how the tiny little puppy wound up stuck in a growing mountain of trash, but Marie has some of his own inferences. It’s likely that the poor fur ball was thrown out by someone who wanted to leave him to die. Thankfully, Marie and his colleague’s compassion far outweighed the act of cruelty.

As a matter of fact, Marie’s colleague decided to bring the little puppy back home for his daughter. So not only is the puppy now living in a forever home with someone who rescued him, but he also has a new best friend and human sister to play with! He’s finally safe and has a family that will give him the care he needs.

This turn for the better brightened up Marie’s entire week, especially since he hadn’t been having a great one. Sometimes, all you need is a little ball of fluff to make you smile again!

Images & Feature Image Source: Twitter/ELSHOSHI82

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