Hetty The Dachshund Has Fun With Her Friend Tilly The Cocker Spaniel!

Hetty The Dachshund Has Fun With Her Friend Tilly The Cocker Spaniel!

Hetty the dachshund is out and about and to make her day more memorable she’s got her friend Tilly to make it even more exciting!

Hetty the dachshund absolutely loves playing with her friend Tilly the cocker spaniel and as you can see from the video on the next page, they’re having a lot of fun running around in the wild and taking in as much fresh air as they can!

This is pure bliss for these two and they seem well-trained to stay close to their mom to make sure they don’t wander off too far.

But before anything else, you must ensure your pet’s safety at all times. A couple of days ago, a coyote was sighted in a place where there were no prior sightings. He tried to drag Trixxie, a Chihuahua, but thankfully she was on a leash and she was saved by her friend Happy, a Rottweiler. The aim of telling you this is not to scare you, its just to help you prepare better. When you take your fur baby at places, please speak to the people there and find out if there’s recently been any wild animal sightings. Find out if there’s anything else you need to know to ensure you pup’s safety.

In my case, when I take my fur babies to the open wild, I most definitely hold a rock and a stick, you know just in case I need it to scare other animals away. Anyway, looks like these pups literally had the time of their lives here!

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Feature Image Source: Pets of Liquid Grain

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