Hikers Find Lost Dog When Exploring A 30-Feet Deep Cave

Hikers Find Lost Dog When Exploring A 30-Feet Deep Cave

For a group of hikers exploring caves in Dewey Hickman Nature Preserve, their day seemed about as average and uneventful as any other. As they were walking around, they noticed movement 30 feet below them.

When they went to take a closer look, they noticed a skinny dog trapped and in need of help.

There was no way the hikers were leaving the poor soul behind. At that moment, they didn’t care if he was a stray or someone’s pet. They just knew he was in danger and they needed to get him out of there as fast as possible.

They got down in the cave, tied him up in a harness, and lifted him out. They noticed he had a collar, and found out his name is Hawkeye. As soon as Hawkeye got out, he was very gentle with his rescuers and hung on to them for dear life.

The group immediately took the dog to Harrison County Animal Control, so that he could get the proper care. There, vets figured out based on his condition that he had been trapped for about two weeks. As Hawkeye was nursed back to health, the shelter started searching for his family.

The family saw the news of the rescue on a local news program and contacted the shelter. They explained that, about two weeks prior, they had let Hawkeye out to potty and he just disappeared. Arrangements were made for the family to come and pick their baby up. As soon as they were reunited, Hawkeye couldn’t contain his excitement.

He is now back home, safe and sound!

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