Silly Beagle Makes Baby Smile By Begging For Food!

Silly Beagle Makes Baby Smile By Begging For Food!

This is just one more reason to have a dog around your house while raising a baby. The main reason is because dogs are great with kids in general, and they will also learn the value of having a loyal friend from young age. There’s nothing like a dog to be a great best friend!

But Charlie has brought another great reason to our attention. Charlie the beagle is making his baby brother smile with his funny way of begging for food! This entertaining fur kid is pulling out all the stops to entertain his little brother. He’s making silly noises, playing with a blanket, and doing every little thing he can to make his little baby brother happy – and if he can manage to squeeze in a snack along the way, so be it!

Watch the video below to see Charlie the beagle ham it up!

Source: Dog makes baby smile by begging for food by Charliedadog on Rumble

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