Tough Beagle Pup Won't Back Down Against Vacuum Cleaner!

Tough Beagle Pup Won't Back Down Against Vacuum Cleaner!

Meet Buddy, an adorable beagle pup who was just chilling out in the living room when suddenly his old nemesis decided to show up and give this pup the time of his life! This is hilarious, trust me!

Buddy the fur ball doesn’t like the vacuum cleaner at all, so today when he was chilling out, the vacuum cleaner was the last thing he had on his mind, but then suddenly it appeared. Then it started getting close! The fur ball ran from its sight only to hide and “startle” the vacuum cleaner. It didn’t work out! Do you know why your fur balls are afraid of it?

According to Dog Care, “Regardless of genetics and early exposure during puppyhood, a vacuum cleaner generally remains a scary object from a dog’s perspective. For starters, vacuums make odd noises. Add to that the fact that you are thrusting it around using erratic movements and that it’s long trunk is sucking all sorts of things from the floor. No animal in the wild does anything like that, so it’s quite normal for dogs to be suspicious and wary when around it.”

We really can’t blame him and we actually feel kind of bad for Buddy. Put that vacuum away and give this boy some peace!

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Feature Image Source: Ron Duursma

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