Hilarious English Bulldog Puppy Rides The Roomba!

Hilarious English Bulldog Puppy Rides The Roomba!

Mom can’t help but giggle as this English bulldog puppy rides the Roomba! This pup’s name is Oslo and he just taken control of his arch nemesis: the Roomba!

He used to absolutely despise this cleaning machine. He’d bark at it and just despise it when it started up. However, he’s found a way to reach a compromise with it. He’ll ride it! Riding along on top of roaming cleaner, the English bulldog pup chews on its side just to show who’s boss! Just because he’s not barking, it can’t let it forget how he really feels!

The pup and evil Roomba’s fight is suddenly brought to a stop when the machine cheats and hit the edge of the bed, prompting the English Bulldog puppy hero to get off.

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This little guy seems so proud of himself too for figuring this out. You can tell he feels so good about himself that he’s making the Roomba work for him!

Watch the video below to see the bulldog puppy riding the roomba robot!

Source: English Bulldog puppy rides a Roomba by erendle on Rumble

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